General Information

Mode and Evaluation of Semester Work

It’s very important to note that the grade of a course and grade point average (GPA) of a semester depend on the work done during the semester.  Course marks are distributed among assignments, quizzes, discussion and mid-semester and final examinations.  The weightage of assignments, quizzes and exams etc for each course is defined at the beginning of the semester.  Assignments are distributed through the LMS and are submitted by students via the LMS as well.  No assignments submitted via e-mail will be considered, neither will assignments submitted after the due date. VU may employ electronic, traditional written and / or take home examinations etc. to assess student progress.  Quizzes, Assignments, or MCQs would be conducted via the Learning Management System.  The schedule of the examinations and assignments will be uploaded onto the VU-LMS, so students are advised to check the updated information about various events regularly.  If an examination is missed for any reason whatsoever, a retake will not be allowed; students will have to repeat the course in a subsequent semester.

Lecture Handouts

Lecture handouts are provided in electronic format for every course through the LMS. They are also accessible through the VU Content Library. Students are expected to read their handouts thoroughly and also consult the recommended text books for every course that they study.

Video Lectures

Virtual University provides video lectures on DVDs which can be purchased from the VU bookshop ( VU lecture videos can also be viewed on YouTube directly or at .

Broadcast Lecture Schedule

VU broadcasts video lectures through its four TV channels (VTV1, VTV2, VTV3, and VTV4). To help manage your time and streamline learning activities, the lecture schedule is provided to you through the “Lecture Schedule” button in the LMS.