Message from the Rector

Dear Students,

Welcome to the fastest growing academic community in Pakistan the Virtual University (VU)! In just a few years the University has become one of the largest public sector universities of the country. Its graduates are gainfully employed by prominent industrial and business concerns and many are continuing their graduate studies at other top tier universities.

You must be aware that the method of teaching at VU is a new one. Course lectures are delivered through television, Internet (YouTube) and DVDs and students communicate with professors over the Internet. You must master the Internet based Learning Management System in order to benefit fully from the world-class Virtual University courses. You will be provided a comprehensive orientation in order to help you start your studies at VU.

The Virtual University of Pakistan maintains high academic standards and you will have to work regularly and consistently to get a degree from the Virtual University, but let me assure you: the Virtual University degree will be well worth the effort.

If ever you have any problem, question or suggestion, please do not hesitate to write to me via e-mail of course! ( Remember, your suggestions are very valuable to us and will help us further improve the programs of the Virtual University.

Once again, welcome, and let us march together towards an educated Pakistan and into a new and prosperous era for our nation.

Dr. Naveed A. Malik